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The Founder


Nicole Mays-Jackson

Driven by the mission of focusing on the forgotten in our communities, Nicole Mays-Jackson founded 1 Care Premier Services in 2015 to provide a comprehensive experience of care for individuals who foster and/or adopt children and provide care to persons with intellectual disabilities. Through her passion, knowledge and in-depth understanding and experience of home and community-based services, Nicole is reengineering the systemic structure of how fostering, adoption, therapeutic services and the care profession operates.

Inspired by her own experiences working in both the public and private sectors, and as a past observer of how care was provided to other families she previously worked with, Nicole sought out to disrupt the status quo of how individuals and families experience home and community-based services. Her recognition of the void in the market of barrier free, ongoing support and resources specifically and intentionally provided to families and caregivers within these systems led her to address the gap by designing a comprehensive service model that centers families through continuous engagement.  


The 1 Care

The mission of 1 Care Premier Services is to empower underserved individuals and families by widening access to education, offering support, and providing a holistic approach through an array of services that help them successfully navigate home and community-based services. 1 Care’s unique, hands-on method to the foster care system, adoption services, and other resources creates an ecosystem which centers and addresses the needs of children and families to make a transformative and life-long impression.

Going beyond the basis of service provision, Nicole curates seminars, webinars, instructional videos, community building events, and other content that offers guidance, support, education, and compassion for families and caregivers, ensuring that they are well-connected and equipped with the education they need to provide care to children and persons with intellectual disabilities.   

Under Nicole’s leadership, 1 Care is expanding rapidly, after which, she plans to show other women how to start their own agencies, and grow and diversify their brands. Her hope is to empower women to blaze their own trail, while simultaneously navigating the ups and downs of business and life. 

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The 1 Care


Meet Our

1 Care Premier Services is home to a dynamic and passionate team that provides a full scope of care to families and caregivers. Professionalism, love and support are embedded in the DNA of 1 Care Premier Services, and our team is ignited to go the distance for you and your family!

Your career of purpose starts here. Help transform communities by joining the 1 Care team!    


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